Amiata Piano Festival

Amiata Piano Festival

Born in 2005 on the slopes of Mount Amiata, thanks to the two founders Stefan Giesen and Maurizio Baglini, the Amiata Piano Festival has characterized from the beginning for its strong international musical imprint, in a landscape of rare beauty and in an oenological context of absolute prestige.
Since 2011 the artistic direction of the Festival as a whole has been entrusted to Maurizio Baglini, who has made the event one of the most prestigious international musical events in the area, also with the support of the most important information channels, as well as an increasingly public numerous and affectionate.

The 2018 calendar of the Tuscan festival ranges from Beethoven’s “Pastoral” Symphony to Gershwin’s Blue Rhapsody.

Music without borders at the Amiata Piano Festival. For the 14th edition (19 May – 9 December 2018) the artistic director Maurizio Baglini signs a fresh and lively poster that ranges from Beethoven’s “Pastoral” Symphony to Gershwin’s Blue Rhapsody.
Fourteen concerts to be enjoyed immersed in the enchanting natural scenery of the Tuscan Maremma at the Forum Bertarelli of Poggi del Sasso (Cinigiano, Grosseto).

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