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Parco delle Cale from Terra Rossa to Punta Ala

Parco delle Cale from Terra Rossa to Punta Ala

Spiagge di sabbia e roccia a Scarlino

Parco delle Cale from Terra Rossa of Scarlino to Punta Ala

Two hundred kilometres of coastline runs along Maremma, stretching from the beautiful Gulf of Baratti in the north, with its dark sand and tall pine forest, all the way to the golden beaches of Capalbio and its dune, not 100 km from Rome. This coast offers tourist the choice between wild and semi-deserted beaches or more equipped facilities, hidden coves in the Mediterranean scrub or long and white beaches, some easily reached by car, others only accessible by boat or on foot.

The coast of Scarlino, which spans most of the Gulf of Follonica, boasts one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy, Cala Violina, whose notoriety means it is often overcrowded in summer. That said, it is still worthwhile going to see it but it’s best to enjoy sea views from any of the other numerous coves dotted along the Parco delle Cale, or even the protected area of ​​the Bandite di Scarlino nature reserve, which can only be explored on foot, horse or bicycle. This area begins at the industrial archeology of Terra Rossa, just south of the Marina di Scarlino, and runs right to the Civinini beach strip. If you take a walk in the shade of the Mediterranean scrub, you’ll be able to enjoy breathtaking sea views out towards Elba Island, Piombino and Sparviero islet, right in front of Punta Ala.


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