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Vedetta Lodges


Maintain the direct contact with nature with all the comforts of a luxury suite. Sleep with the sound of leaves rustling in the wind, treating yourself to our large feather pillows in a gigantic, four square meter bed. Each luxury tent is over 50 square meter sized, furnished lovingly with great care all including a hanging portico and an en-suite bathroom. Indulge yourself in the pleasure of an unusual dwelling and let yourself be pampered by our attentions.


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We are preparing for reopening our structures
after Coronavirus

It was necessary to close our relais, clamping and B&B to prevent the spread of the virus.
We look forward the reopening by end of May so we are organizing internal sanitation and revueing procedures to ensure our Guests to stay in a healthy and safe place.

These are our initiatives:

  • Pre-opening sanitization of all structures with specific products;
  • Staff monitored daily with fever measurement;
  • Use of gloves and masks in every department, even during the service;
  • Dislocation of restaurant tables at a safe distance;
  • Breakfast served à la carte instead of buffet;
  • Use of “verified” suppliers;
  • Pool beds available at a safe distance;
  • Check out at 11:00 and check-in at 15:00 for further sanitization of the room at the Customer change.
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